The Law of Attraction in Reverse - When Good Intentions Backfire

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I receive many interesting questions on the law of attraction and here is one that needs to be addressed when intentions do not work.

"Why do my good intentions and written goals not come true instead it backfires and the reverse happens." -Anna

This is what happens you set the best of intentions then not only does it not come true but you are getting the exact opposite. Let's take the example that you want to manifest a car. Then you write down everything about the car and get excited and nothing is showing up in fact the car that you have just broke down and you have unexpected bills to pay. If I were to dig a little deeper and energy test you on a subconscious level you may find some of these show up for you:

-I don't deserve a new car
-I can't afford a new car
-My dad said I should always buy used cars
-Nothing ever works out for me

Even though on a conscious level you are wanting a is your SUBCONSCIOUS beliefs that are keeping you stuck from attracting what you want. Learning how to tap into the subconscious mind is the secret to manifesting.

I recommend that you find out first what your subconscious beliefs are. Many of my clients when testing them for their blocks they are completely shocked to find out what comes up. The good thing is once you recognize what they are that is the first step. Secondly, work on clearing those beliefs so that you imprint new powerful ones.

How do you know if your negative beliefs have cleared?

Sometimes the energy is subtle that you feel- all of the sudden you begin to feel more relaxed and calm. Then you will look at your outside world to see what is happening. This can also be subtle when your beliefs are shifting. For instance, you find that it's easier to connect with people, things just seem to go your way and of course more money is flowing to you. Take a few minutes out every day and focus on what you want. Write down empowering beliefs and really feel them. Anytime you feel nervous allow yourself to notice it and release it.

Making your beliefs work, takes time and patience-just the other day I was working with a client that was going back and forth with what she wanted to do for a business. Then she had a breakthrough she got crystal clear about what she wanted to do and this is all because we worked on shifting her beliefs. When you beliefs shift that is when you can truly manifest change.

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The Law of Attraction in Reverse - When Good Intentions Backfire

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This article was published on 2010/03/26