The Power of Belief

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I had the most amazing experience. I realized that I am always the source of my experience. I am the one that makes myself happy or unhappy. I am the one who gets to say whether I am in bliss or emotional pain. How? I do that by getting to choose which beliefs I focus on and the stories I make up. My point of power, always, lies in what beliefs I choose and what intentions I set.

We generally live in a stimulus/response reality. Meaning, we live like we do not have a choice around what we feel or do. Someone yells at us and we react with anger or fear. Someone tells us they are unhappy with something we did, and we get hurt and withdraw. We generally think the "stimulus" caused our response, and in an effort to feel better, we usually try to get someone to quit doing the thing that is causing our distress.

Consider for a moment that between the stimulus and response, is a belief or story. In actuality, it is the belief that we are responding to, not the stimulus itself. If you yell, and I believe that your yelling is bad for me, then I am likely to respond with anger of fear. But if I believe your yelling is giving me a perfect chance to practice being centered, or that your full self-expression is a good thing, then I might feel peaceful or even excited by your yelling. My belief determines my experience, not the stimulus.

Changing beliefs is relatively easy and produces immediate relief. It is where we truly have total power to determine the quality of our life experience. By changing what we believe, we change what we see, and in so doing, the world changes. You can dramatically change your work environment, your relationship, your health and your state of mind just by examining and shifting beliefs.

If you would like help looking at and shifting your beliefs, contact me for a free article, "Ten Ways to Change a Negative Belief". You deserve to give yourself a happy and fulfilling life.

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The Power of Belief

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This article was published on 2010/03/30